Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Most nights, I go to sleep and think about how lucky I am. How much my life has changed since the DFM days. The "simple" act of quitting my job and going back to school set so many things in motion - good things. Eighteen months and I'm a totally different person - not witness-protection different, just new and improved.

Life is good.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

There's no point posting what, exactly, my new year's resolutions are. After all, these things are hard enough to keep, even without the stress of people knowing when you fall off your self-imposed wagon.  Needless to say one of them is writing more. Clearly it will be obvious when I forget this.

I don't know why I stopped writing. I guess in some sense, my private life became so ... private that I either assumed it was only of interest to me, or, in some cases, knew that it should remain private.

I also know that almost nobody is reading. I've lost contact with almost everyone I used to know +2 years ago. Almost everyone. Sure, I follow up with some stuff on Facebook -- but that's hardly anything. And it's strangely easier to check in with Pam across the country than to check in with some people here in the LI/NY area. Outside of the JTS cafeteria and trips to Broadway Au Lait between classes, my social life is family-centered. And for now, on break, that means it's entirely family-centered. And that's sort of fine with me, until the mister asks me why I'm never making any phone calls to my friends on Saturday nights. He at least puts in an effort. But I don't, because in some sense, I get the feeling that my friends wouldn't do the same for me --obviously this is sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy-- but also obviously, they haven't. Not that I have so many friends in this category to begin with.

Okay. I'm starting to sound a little bitchy-whiny. So I'll stop myself.


Where's the history?


New year, new blog.  Or, more properly, old blog title, erased history.
It's just the kind of thing I'd do at New Year's.  And, also "just the kind of thing I'd do," a day late at that.

I've lost my regimented haiku form.
I've probably lost some other things too.

But, in any case, here goes.